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The Story behind the Story: How the Book came to be...

As a Science Mum/ a Mum in Science, I have always been inspired to tell my little scientist all that I have learned about our world and what makes it the way it is – from the philosophical to the scientific, to the hypothetical! He and I have mused and shared countless, mindlessly mindful thoughts about the innumerable topics of our everyday.

As a Mum I want to instill a sense of wonder while encouraging his curiosity about the things that amaze him in his mundane surroundings. I have refrained from telling my son fairy tales and tales of magic… I want him to see the magic in nature, how things evolve and sustain and grow into the beautiful and the amazing Everyday! We have had wonderfully imaginative discussions about why the dinosaurs couldn't headbutt the asteroids away? What can we do if an asteroid comes hurtling towards us? Or more surreal topics like what if we were trapped in the formation of a super-galaxy? What would happen if there was no gravity, would the plants have to be potted all the time? Why can’t we have whales turning back into dogs? I admit I don’t know all the answers, but it is the most fun to hypothesize and learn what fantastic directions his mind leads me - It is as much of a discovery for him as it is for me!

His questions have inspired me to make complex scientific concepts simple, not just for him to understand, but in a manner in which he can put them into practice. Every book I have ever written has a little bit of my munchkin’s curiosity hidden inside…

Here are our stories…

The Story Behind the Story - The Boy Who Loves BIG Words: Photosynthesis

The Story Behind the Story - The Boy Who Loves BIG Words: Metamorphosis


Here's why I write books

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