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Space and Stars

If you have a little scientist at home who cannot get enough everything space and beyond, here is a list of the books we recommend! All the fiction books are some of our favorite bedtime stories.



See Inside the Universe #ad

Astronauts Handbook / So wirst du Astronaut #ad

Professor Astrocat’s Stargazing #ad 

Professor Astrocat’s Frontiers in Space #ad 

Professor Astrocat’s Solar System #ad 

100 Things to Know About Space #ad 

100 Things to Know About Earth #ad 

The Speed of Starlight #ad

Usborne Beginners: Astronomy #ad 

Usborne Beginners: Solar System #ad 

Usborne Beginners: Sun, Moon and the Stars #ad 

Usborne Beginners: Planet Earth #ad 

Usborne Beginners: Living in Space #ad

Usborne Beginners Box Set #ad

The Science of Spacecraft #ad 

Here we are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth #ad 

Planetarium (Welcome to the Museum) / Planetarium Activity Book #ad

Das Planetarium  #ad


Armstrong: Die abenteuerliche Reise einer Maus zum Mond (Englisch - Deutsch Bilingual) #ad

The Darkest Dark by Astronaut Chris Hadfield #ad 

How to catch a star #ad 

The way back home #ad

George’s Series by Lucy and Stephen Hawking #ad

If you are interested in more activities for your little space scientist, the European Space Agency (ESA) has wonderful activities and videos!

The link:

Also from ESA:

English: Click here for the link to the playlist

German: Click here for the complete playlist

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