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Programming for Kids

Honestly, I do not believe that learning how to code is an important skill for a child, especially a young child who still has undecided inclinations. Although, I do believe, if a child shows great ability to logically think and analyze information at an early stage, coding could be the next organic step for the development of these very skills -

A great starting point is Scratch Jr. developed by researchers at MIT, USA. It's an excellent resource for children who are still in the early stages of reading (older children can use Scratch). We have played with Scratch Jr. and created our own little projects. If you are a new to coding as I was when we first discovered Scratch Jr., here is a list of books that should help you and also give you ideas of potential projects - 


Look Inside: How Computers Work #ad

For younger children,

The Official ScratchJr Book #ad

My First Computer Coding Book with ScratchJr #ad

Lift-the-Flap: Computers and Coding #ad

ScratchJr Coding Cards: Creative Coding Activities #ad

For older children,

Programmieren für Kinder #ad

Coding for Beginners #ad

Scratch 3.0 Coding Cards #ad

Get Coding #ad

Get Coding 2 #ad

Coding Games for Young and Old Kids:

Osmo Coding Starter Pack #ad (we have the Genius Kit, which contains a great tools for improving the reading and mathematical capabilities of kids)

Lego Boost #ad

Lego Boost Star Wars Edition #ad