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About Me 

Pooja Joshi is Mum to a very curious young boy and had a very successful career in the scientific research sector for over a decade. Pooja has an undergraduate degree in Chemistry and a PhD in Medical Sciences. She now writes children’s books and has a keen interest in child development. Her children's workshops use story-telling and hands-on experimentation to engage kids in thinking scientifically.

She is passionate about studying how young children process scientific information with a belief that everything can be simplified for a child to grasp and understand - comparable to an adult. Her mission is to dispel phobias surrounding science as a special interest subject; it is to bring an awareness of science in the simplest things we experience in our ordinarily extraordinary lives.

Her books reflect her love for science and her experiences as a Mum, and her future works will continue to decomplexify and demystify science for young readers.


Pooja Joshi, PhD

Science Educator and Storyteller 

Inspiring Women Magazine (September 2022)

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