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The Story behind the Story:

The Boy Who Loves BIG Words:Metamorphosis

One of our first excursions away from Heidelberg after moving to Germany was to Mummelsee / Mummel Lake, which is surrounded by dense trees and is a perfect picnic destination in the beautiful Black forest. We visited this little, hidden gem towards the end of July when the weather had turned wonderfully warm.

Just as we finished doing a round of the lake and ate our picnic counting the dragonflies zooming around us, my little boy wanted to go dip his feet in the water. When he had splashed about for a few minutes he stopped abruptly and said, “Mumma, look! I can see tiny baby fish swimming!” Upon closer inspection we found them to be tadpoles! He wanted to play in the water with the tadpoles when I explained to him that tadpoles are really baby frogs… He sang, “Ribbit Ribbit”, the whole time because he couldn’t find Mummy and Daddy Frog anywhere!

Basking in the warm glow of this glorious day came the book, The Boy Who Loves BIG Words: Metamorphosis…

As soon as I had written the first draft of the story, we made a ‘metamorphosis board’ to go with it. My Boy was only just learning to read three and four-letter words, so I wrote what all the stages were called along the board… We even made a jumping Origami frog to jump on our board!

Here is the link to the book, available now as eBook and Paperback! #ad

Hope your little scientist enjoys the activities at the end of the book… As usual, I would love your feedback and pictures of your little ones enjoying the books!