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Reviews and Appreciation 

Here's What Mums And Dads of Little Scientists Had to Say on our WhatsApp Group!

We have been lucky to receive a lot of support and appreciation from the parents of our little scientists. A few partially anonymised examples from parents whose little scientists joined us more than once at our workshops:

... (RL workshops) wonderfully creative and engaging program like many she has attended previously at museums in New York.  We'll keep our eyes out for future programs that might suit her interests, as clearly the ones DAI/RL are developing are high quality. - Mum of E. Klein

Hello Dr.Pooja. Thanks for the workshop today. S. had good time and she is still talking about it. - Dad of S. Gharpure

Thank you Pooja and Lilia for being such wonderful educators/guides🤗 (or in V's terms Doctor doctors 😅) I know that he has been gaining so much from your workshops. Its simply encouraging 😌🙏🏼 Definitely looking forward to the next one. - Mum of V. Suvarna

Thank you, Pooja and Lilia, so much for sharing your well thought out and engaging workshop. Over the evening L. shared with us many of the activities and was also excited to tell his Grandparents about it. We will tell our friends about the next ones! - Mum of L. Papagiannis

Thank you Pooja and Lilia for a wonderful workshop and amazing children approach! M. had a lovely time; already did few additional planets at home (with a glitter of course 😉). He is looking forward to the next workshop. - Mum of M. Toro

Thanks Pooja and Lilia for the workshop. S. enjoyed it a lot. This is good initiative and we would definitely recommend to other parents as well. - Mum of S. Shembekar

The whole setup of today’s workshop was super cool and creative. Can imagine the kind of efforts being made to make it exciting for kids. Great job Pooja. - Mum of A.V. Dev

Many thanks for the nice event and your organization. D. had a lot of fun and wants to go there again. - Mum of D.Schulte-Rebbelmund

Z. says, I'm eating healthy because of the experiments with the germs. - Mum of Z. Santiago

I. told that he enjoyed doing the activities. Thank you for arranging and conducting the workshops. - Mum of I. R.P. Reddy

Thank you Pooja for the wonderful workshop. 👍🏻 Great effort. - Mum of H. Nagarwala

Danke für die Veranstaltung meine beiden Töchter hatten viel Spaß. -Mum of S.E. and A.Taskin

We are so so so thankful for the whole organization, work, joy, energy love passion and more you boosted to make a wonderful and incredible special day for E. and his friends. Wow Wow Wow. Thank you thank you very much. God bless you abundantly. -Mum of E.D.Fotue-Kamga

C. loves it. The first thing he asks when he gets home from kindergarten is if there's another experiment. He's very excited. - Mum of C. Hodgson

Sounds like B really enjoyed the session today! 🌈 thanks! - Mum of B. Haley