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All About Foods

Eat healthy! Mums, Dads, Grans, Granddads, Teachers - Everyone is telling the kids to eat healthy. What is healthy food? We have experiments here to SHOW kids how to identify healthy foods. 

How can they tell which foods have fats? How much water should they drink? We have made it easy for the kids to grasp these ideas so that they might become second nature and help them make the right choices all on their own! 

Here are a few experiments you can download for free to help them along...

About Fruits and Vegetables

How much water should I drink?

Our Food - Quiz


We have read and enjoyed the following books and can highly recommend them, if you have a little scientist who is extremely curious about where their food comes from OR in fact, what is really inside the food that makes it so important for us...

It All Starts With a Seed: How Food Grows #ad

100 Things to Know About: Food #ad

Look Inside: Food #ad

Lift-the-Flap: Questions and Answers About Food #ad

So wächst unser Essen: Vom Korn zum Mehl, Von der Kakaobonnne zur Schokolade #ad